Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mega Big-Time

I was inspired to post something after The Bold recently posted an article on on Power Couples in San Francisco. The article features some local couples who do amazing work individually and in colaboration with the person they love.

Over the past year I've been collaborating on projects with my girlfriend, Amanda Storey. She is full of fresh, clever ideas and I love that we can bounce ridiculous ideas off each other. It's also refreshing to be able to create things that don't exactly fit with the look and subject-matter I usually work with. Amanda may be all about style, beauty, and sugar-frosted feminine fantasy, but its the fact that she has the exact same sense of humor that I do, basically that of a 15 year old boy, that makes us work well together.

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So now any artwork that we do together is created by Mega Big-Time. Here are a couple paintings that came from characters in Amanda's sketchbook.

Princess Adora of Dobel Woods, Princess Fraulein of Muhlenberg

The only rule of Mega Big-Time is that there are no rules!!

When I was asked to be part of Gallery 1988's tribute to Wet Hot American Summer, it was Amanda's idea to make a road-sign pointing people to the campsite or "town". The rest was easy.

Props to Matt136 for helping with the wood cut-outs!

But why stop there? Amanda had the idea to take advantage of a sunny San Francisco day by doing some promotional photos before the artwork had to be shipped off to LA.

What's next? Mega Big-Time is excited to be part of Gallery 1988's 8th birthday and celebration of the Internet's favorite creations. MEMES Opens May 4th, 7-10pm.

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