Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Logos and such

I've done a couple illustrations recently that allowed me to check off items from my "Always wanted to do that" list. This first one is a beer coaster for Cypress Grove Chevre, a goat cheese company in Humboldt county. So these are getting handed out to beer enthusiasts at brew festivals. Check! Plus I love goat cheese so I'm looking forward to a care package from these guys.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

This is a logo I did for a coffee and tea company in the cold and unforgiving Yukon territory.
The Mad Trapper was a real guy who was the focus of a wild man hunt in Canada back in 1931.

So, next on the list is a beer label. I'm talking with a microbrewery about a concept for one of their labels right now. I'd like to do lots of beer labels, wine too. Maybe I should stalk wineries at the events around Napa and Sonoma....road trip!

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