Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah, the Romance

I thought I'd post a few illustrations I've done recently that are muy romántico! This first one is a pin-up caricature of my girlfriend that I drew for her as a gift. Want one of yourself? Hit me up. (sorry, if you aren't my girlfriend, it won't be a gift.)

Personal pin-up Yow!

Did you know I can be commissioned for ultra-personalized wedding invitations? This one was hand painted in watercolors. My hand-writting could be, uh better, so for this one I used a transfer from a print-out of the desired text. I don't want to post the snap-shots this couple sent me but I can say they were very happy with the likenesses. This illustration even prompted the groom to loose a little weight in order to look more like the invitation. My drawings can improve your life!

Wedding invitation, watercolor

Birthday invitations too. You don't need to have the budget for a full-on watercolor painting. I can do a sweet line drawing and color it digitally. Snap! It's ready to send out to all your jealous friends.

Birthday party invitation

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