Monday, November 5, 2012

Available Tees

MAD TRAPPER Comes With a Beaver
Albert Johnson was a real man who led the Canadian Mounties on an enormous man-hunt in the 1930s. He was wanted for allegedly disabling animal traps and hanging them from trees. No one knows for sure what started it all, but the "Mad Trapper" may have been the Yukon territory's first animal activist! He was basically Gentle Ben meets Rasputin.

For the month of November, every Mad Trapper T-shirt ordered ships with an original Ben Walker sketch of a Beaver. Available in Men's sizes Small - 2X. Only from


You and Who is a T-shirt company with a simple mission: Sell one-of-a-kind designer T-shirts that help worthy causes in cities across the country. Every time they sell a T-shirt, someone in need receives the same shirt. So pick up one of my WINNER tees and someone in San Francisco will get a little pick-me-up.

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