Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ellingson's Daily Slimer

My friend Josh Ellingson draws a Slimer every day. At least, he has been for the last 116 days. They are all done on dry erase board. It's a habbit that started naturally enough. He drew the first 60 at work. Not on the sly either; The big-wigs and everybody else loved it! You see, he was working on a Ghostbusters casino game so his dry-erase Slimers were drawn to warm up and to rally the troops.


The Ghostbusters game is pretty much wrapped up now and Josh has moved on to other projects. But that hasn't slowed down the Daily Slimers. And now he's pulled other artists into it! So here is my take on Slimer. Haven't you ever wondered what he looked like before he was a ghost? I sure did.

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Pre-Slimer by Ben Walker
Pre-Slimer by Ben Walker

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rex Goliath rules


I tell you what. Rex Goliath kinda rules. He has been here with us for some great nights. So this is my little tribute painting of Rex.

I must admit, despite the fact that I have spent a good chunk of my life in Wine country (the North Bay area), I don't know a lot about the subtleties of wine tasting. But who cares? It's becoming clear that there might not be any true "wine experts" anyway. In blind taste tests, experts had trouble identifying a $10 bottle of wine from a $200 wine (Check out the Wine Trials 2010). All I know is I love (good) red wine and I can't break the bank on it. The thing is, if you are spending less than 8 bucks on a bottle you could end up with something tasting like fruit punch with a splash of vinegar.

That's why Rex Goliath rules. Aside from sounding like the name of a speed-metal band, RG also rocks for tasting lovely, robust and expensive. Oh and it's almost always on sale for about 5 bucks in most grocery stores/bev-mos.

Rex was a real-life rooster and side show attraction in the early 1900s. He weighed in at 47 pounds. Holy crap-bones! Do I even need to make the joke?

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-Ben Walker

Monday, November 5, 2012

Available Tees

MAD TRAPPER Comes With a Beaver
Albert Johnson was a real man who led the Canadian Mounties on an enormous man-hunt in the 1930s. He was wanted for allegedly disabling animal traps and hanging them from trees. No one knows for sure what started it all, but the "Mad Trapper" may have been the Yukon territory's first animal activist! He was basically Gentle Ben meets Rasputin.

For the month of November, every Mad Trapper T-shirt ordered ships with an original Ben Walker sketch of a Beaver. Available in Men's sizes Small - 2X. Only from


You and Who is a T-shirt company with a simple mission: Sell one-of-a-kind designer T-shirts that help worthy causes in cities across the country. Every time they sell a T-shirt, someone in need receives the same shirt. So pick up one of my WINNER tees and someone in San Francisco will get a little pick-me-up.

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Ben Walker